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From Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Richard L. Armstrong: Free Resources for Understanding Your Personal Injury Case

Dallas personal injury attorney Richard L. Armstrong understands that making legal decisions is difficult when you don’t have reliable information about your case. The Dallas lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm have provided the personal injury and accident resources on this page to help you to understand your personal injury or wrongful death case better. Lawyers from our Plano law firm are also available to discuss your case if these resources don’t answer all your questions. You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297). Your initial consultation from a Dallas personal injury attorney at Armstrong the Law Firm is always free.

Blog Articles from Armstrong the Law Firm

Our blog contains numerous articles with detailed information on a variety of personal injury topics. We hope this blog will help you better understand your case, protect your rights against insurance companies and defense lawyers, and prepare for potential litigation.

Your Case Value: How Much are Your Injuries Worth?

On this page the Dallas lawyers from our Plano law firm explain how the value of your case is calculated and why you’re probably entitled to much more than insurance companies and defense lawyers are offering. To learn even more on particulars of your case value do contact Attorney Armstrong for your no obligation free consultation.

Free Audio Downloads from Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Richard L. Armstrong

In these audio recordings, Mr. Armstrong addresses common issues in personal injury cases and delivers helpful information that could help give you the best chance for recovering the full value of your damages.

Ways to Set the Stage for a Maximum Car Accident Recovery
Learn what to do at the scene of an accident and afterward to get the most value out of your case. Avoid the common pitfalls and critical mistakes that can reduce the financial compensation awarded to you. Plus, learn why most personal injury victims who represent themselves usually receive much less compensation than those represented by a qualified Dallas personal injury attorney.

Animal Attacks: Preparing for a Successful Case and Maximum Recovery
Over time evidence becomes harder to collect and memories fade. By the time your animal attack injury case goes through negotiations and litigation, valuable information can be lost and result in less recovery than you deserve. This audio recording by Mr. Armstrong reveals what evidence you need to collect to maximize the value of your case and how to preserve it. Also, learn what action steps to take in an animal attack case to get the best possible outcome.

Understanding Recovery for Trucking Accident Tragedies
Accidents involving semi-trucks and commercial rigs are devastating. Understand your rights for recovery and compensation in a trucking accident with this audio recording from Dallas personal injury attorney Richard L. Armstrong. Learn what to do to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Plus, understand the recovery options available to survivors of victims who die in an accident. This recording covers an incredible amount of information essential to trucking accident victims and their families.

A Primer on Wrongful Death – Recovering for the Loss of Life
Learn about wrongful death is available to you in this audio. Find out what the purpose of the laws are in wrongful death cases, who is allowed to seek compensation under the law, what you can claim in damages, what limits there are in "caps" in Texas for these cases, who in a family can receive compensation under the law, what one has to prove to have a successful outcome and more. 

Free Consultation for Victims of Preventable Injuries and Death

In the area of Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano, our law firm can help accident or injury victims determine whether they are entitled to compensation. Contact Dallas personal injury attorney Richard L. Armstrong and the team at Armstrong the Law Firm to find out how our Dallas lawyers can help you get the settlement or judgment you deserve.

Call Dallas personal injury attorney Richard L. Armstrong today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297) and schedule a free consultation.

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