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Valuation of Personal Injury in the Dallas
and Fort Worth Region

If you bring a lawsuit for personal injury in Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding region, you’ll want to know what a Texas attorney is likely to win for you in the way of compensation. Hundreds of variables go into determining the value of a personal injury case and most of them won’t be uncovered until one of our Plano attorneys has spent several hours gathering information, documents and other evidence.

Because of all the variables that contribute to the value of a case, such as severity of the injury or the psychological impact of the injury, it is impossible to tell how much you are likely to win before retaining our law firm to investigate the details. Even a “ballpark” figure could be off by thousands or millions of dollars without all the facts.

For the same reason, you should not agree to a settlement from an insurance company or a defendant’s lawyer before retaining an attorney to thoroughly evaluate your case. Most people do not realize the full cost of their injuries and many of our clients underestimate what their cases are worth. Agreeing to a settlement without the advice of an attorney experienced in cases of personal injury in the Dallas and Fort Worth region could result in you receiving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars less than with such advice.

Personal Injury in Dallas and Fort Worth Region: What Influences the Value of Your Case?

As part of the valuation process, our Plano attorneys will seek to answer the following questions as well as others that may come up during the investigation:

  1. Is there a police report? What does it say?
  2. Are witness statements available? What do they say?
  3. Who is responsible for the accident, injury or death?
  4. Does the responsible person have insurance or substantial assets with which to pay damages?
  5. How serious is the injury?
  6. Is the injury permanent?
  7. Will the injury leave physical or emotional scars?
  8. How visible is the injury or scar?
  9. How will the injury impact your ability to earn a living?
  10. How will the injury impact the quality of your life?
  11. What treatment was or is required?
  12. How long will treatment continue?
  13. How expensive is treatment?
  14. What are the victim’s age, race, gender and social status? How will these influence a jury or judge?
  15. How much time is available before trial?
  16. Do you need to settle quickly?
  17. Will expert testimony need to be obtained?
  18. When does the statute of limitations run out?

Many other factors may also influence the amount of compensation you are likely to receive and the amount may change throughout the process as new information or testimony is uncovered.

Remember, DO NOT agree to a settlement with the defendant or an insurance company without having your case reviewed by a Texas attorney experienced in personal injury in the Dallas and Fort Worth region. Offered settlements may seem very large, but they are likely to be a fraction of your injury’s full value. Insurance companies and defense lawyers often like to settle quickly before the full value of the injury is known by the victim. This can save them millions of dollars and leave you with less than you need to pay bills and compensate for lost income and a lower quality of life.

Free Consultation Regarding Personal Injury in the Dallas and Fort Worth Region

If you’re the victim of an accident or personal injury in the Dallas and Fort Worth region, have your case reviewed for free by one of our Plano, Texas attorneys. Learn whether you are entitled to compensation and whether an Armstrong attorney can help you obtain that compensation.

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