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"The world is full of wrongs. If no man stood up to right those wrongs they might go on forever."
-- Clarence Darrow




Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States, and the numbers are increasing. It is a neurological disorder that interferes with normal development of reasoning and communication skills. It changes the life of the person with autism, and it creates trepidation in the hearts of their family.

Historically, most of the focus has, of course, been on children, while there has been a dramatic shortage of programs and facilities for the adults whom those children one day become. Adults whose behaviors are so fragile, whose hold on the real world is often so tenuous, and whose now aging parents know all too well the frightening alternatives to leaving home. With the passing of time, those parents find it more and more difficult to maintain the painfully won gains made during the school years, once that support system is no longer present. Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch is an answer long sought, carefully planned, and implemented with a delicate sensitivity for families as well as Ranchers.

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*Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch was founded in 1985.It’s first rancher was Rusty Armstrong, youngest brother of Richard Armstrong.