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"The world is full of wrongs. If no man stood up to right those wrongs they might go on forever."
-- Clarence Darrow

Armstrong’s Personal Injury Lawyers in Plano Proudly Vindicate the Victims of Injury and Wrongful Death

No personal injury lawyer in Plano, Dallas or Fort Worth is more zealous and enthusiastic in the pursuit of protecting the rights of injury victims than Richard L. Armstrong and the attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm

Since 1985 our firm has worked with injury victims in cases involving car accident injury, brain injury, premises liability, nursing home neglect, products liability, wrongful death and other personal injury. We help them secure financial compensation for the cost of injuries and the other physical and emotional damages they suffer.

Serving the region of Fort Worth and Dallas, lawyers at our firm represent a variety of clients, from young children to senior citizens who’ve been hurt by the irresponsible actions of others. We help hold insurance companies, big businesses and individuals accountable for their actions when those actions cause an otherwise avoidable injury or death.

Richard L. Armstrong: Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Plano Who Understands the Pain and Suffering You’ve Experienced

Mr. Armstrong has been a practicing personal injury lawyer in Plano since 1985 and understands that the pain and suffering experienced by the victims of injury and their families goes beyond just the physical pain and unpaid hospital bills.

While physical pain and treatment costs can be debilitating and overwhelming in their own right, usually they are accompanied numerous troubles, frustrations and stressors that most people don’t think about when considering how damaging a car accident injury or other injury can be. These include:

  1. Loss of wages and/or earning potential
  2. Feeling overwhelmed by medical bills and treatments
  3. Aggravation caused by daily pain
  4. Inability to pay normal bills because of lost wages
  5. Mounting financial issues and subsequent harassing by creditors
  6. Temporary or permanent loss of physical ability
  7. Frustration of being unable to do what you were able to before
  8. Dependency on others
  9. Stress on family members who must care for the victim or take over the victim’s responsibilities
  10. Reduction in quality of life

Every case is different and the damages that each person or family faces may be different than those listed above, but they are always frustrating and hurtful. Throughout the region of Fort Worth and Dallas, lawyer Richard L. Armstrong and his team of personal injury lawyers in Plano help these unfortunate individuals win the compensation they need to pay their bills, start healing and help them adjust to their new life.

If you think you may need to file a lawsuit due to a car accident injury, other injury or wrongful death of a family member, you can receive a free initial consultation. Serving clients throughout the region of Fort Worth and Dallas, lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm can help you determine how to proceed with your case.

Call Richard L. Armstrong, your personal injury lawyer in Plano, today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297) and schedule a free consultation.

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