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Helicopter or Airplane Accident — Attorney Richard L. Armstrong has the Experience You Need to Win Compensation for Damages and Loss

For victims of an airplane accident, attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his team of attorneys in Texas have the experience needed to handle a complex case, like injury or death due to an aircraft crash, and win a substantial personal injury settlement or verdict.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Armstrong and the team at Armstrong the Law Firm have been handling complex injury and wrongful death cases and getting clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries or loss of a loved one. What’s made us successful is our attention to detail, persistence and access to a wide variety of experts and resources throughout the state of Texas. In a state where personal injury and wrongful death cases can be difficult to win, the Armstrong team has a steady track record for obtaining substantial personal injury settlements and verdicts for our clients.

If You or a Family Member has been in an Airplane Accident, an Attorney at Armstrong Can Help You Put the Pieces Together

Aircraft crashes devastate families. Although air travel is still the safest way to travel, with fewer crashes and victims than any other means of travel, its very nature results in more severe injuries and more deaths per crash. This is especially true when the crash involves a commercial airliner.

Unfortunately, the same factors that make aircraft crashes so devastating also make it more difficult to prove personal injury or wrongful death liability. Evidence pointing to negligence by the pilot, aircraft owner, airline or other responsible party is often destroyed in the crash. Regulatory agencies, like the FAA, and federal and state laws regulating airlines can further complicate matters.

To prove these cases and win a personal injury settlement or verdict for victims requires diligence, persistence, experience and access to experts and resources. This is precisely what you get from our attorneys. In Texas, relatively few firms have the experience in handling complex and difficult cases that Richard L. Armstrong and his team have.

Have Your Case Reviewed for Free

Our attorneys in Texas will meet with you for free to evaluate your case of injury or wrongful death in an airplane accident. Attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his team have more than 30 years of experience handling complex injury accident cases and can help you determine if you should pursue a personal injury settlement. There’s no cost or obligation for your initial consultation.

Call Armstrong the Law Firm today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297) and schedule a free consultation.

If you’ve been in an airplane accident, attorney Richard L. Armstrong wants you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your injuries. Please visit this page to access a variety of resources: Free Resources from airplane accident attorney Richard L. Armstrong  

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