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Fort Worth & Dallas Defective Product Attorney
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for Your Product-related Injuries

In Fort Worth and Dallas, defective product attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm can help you win compensation for injuries due to defective and dangerous products. Liability for malfunctioning products lies with the manufacturer and sometimes with the stores and distributors who sell them. In the U.S., manufacturers are required to ensure their products are safe when used as instructed. If their products cause injury during normal use, the manufacturers can be held accountable for those injuries.

If you’ve been injured by a product while using it as intended, our Texas law firm can help determine if a lawsuit is appropriate and represent you if it is. Our team has more than 30 years of experience handling products liability and other injury cases.

Understanding Texas Product Liability Law: a Dallas Defective Product Attorney’s Perspective

When people are injured by products, liability for those injuries occurs only when the product is defective and the injury occurs during the normal intended use of the product. If, for example, a person is using a new hammer to drive nails into a piece of wood and the handle flies off and injuries a bystander, there’s a good chance a products liability lawsuit will be successful. However, if someone breaks a screwdriver and injures himself while trying to pry pieces of lumber apart — something screwdrivers are not designed for — that person probably won’t be successful with such a lawsuit.

Of course, in both situations there are other considerations that must be taken into account as well. Attorneys at our Texas law firm will be happy to review your case for free and determine whether a products liability lawsuit is appropriate. Find out more about this on our Free Consultation page.

Free Consultation Available from a Dallas Defective Product Attorney 

If you were injured by a dangerous or defective product and think you may have a products liability case against the manufacturer, attorneys from our Texas law firm are available to meet with you and discuss your case. This initial consultation is absolutely free. You’ll get a reliable assessment of your case and find out how Armstrong the Law Firm can help you.

Call a Fort Worth or Dallas defective product attorney at Armstrong the Law Firm today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297) and schedule a Free Consultation.

The Fort Worth and Dallas defective product attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm want you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your possible products liability lawsuit. Our attorneys have provided several resources for you on our Free Resources page.

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