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Ft. Worth & Dallas Dog Bite Lawyers
More than 30 Years of Holding Dog Owners Liable for the Injuries their Dogs Cause

In Fort Worth and Dallas, dog bite lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm have been helping victims of dog bites for more than 30 years. Dog attacks can be devastating, especially for children and elderly victims. Texas law permits victims to file personal injury claims against dog owners and handlers for the damages and suffering caused by their dogs when they could have prevented it.

If you or a family member has been attacked by a dog, the dog’s owner may be liable for the damages and suffering resulting from the attack. Damages can range from actual medical bills to long-term emotional suffering caused by scarring or emotional trauma. There are many other types of damages that can be considered in a dog bite lawsuit as well. Your Fort Worth and Dallas dog bite lawyer at Armstrong the Law Firm can help you determine which damages can be included in your lawsuit.

Can You Get Compensation for Your Fort Worth or Dallas Dog Bite? A Lawyer from Armstrong Can Tell You

Not all dog bites are eligible for personal injury compensation, especially in Texas, which adheres to the “one bite rule” of determining liability. This rule says a dog owner must know about the dog’s propensity for biting or attacking in order to be held liable. Alternately, the victim can prove that the owner or handler was negligent in handling the dog at the time of the attack. So dog bite victims and their families will only be successful with their personal injury claims if they can prove at least one of the following:

  1. The dog had previously bitten or attacked someone, or the owner should have otherwise known about the dog’s propensity for being dangerous
  2. The owner was negligent in handling the dog, such as chaining it up frequently, which tends to make a dog aggressive
  3. The owner violated local leash laws at the time of the attack
  4. The owner intentionally caused the dog to attack

Another factor that influences whether personal injury claims are successful is whether the victim provoked the dog in some way. If the victim teased the dog or trespassed illegally on the dog owner’s property, it will be more difficult to prove liability. Very young children are usually exempt from the provocation defense, as they are unaware of how to prevent dog bites or how to avoid trespassing. In such cases, the dog’s owner or even the child’s parents (if found that they were negligent in supervising the child) will be held liable for the injuries.

Circumstances can vary greatly from case to case. The best way to find out if you can receive financial compensation for dog bites suffered by you or a family member is to speak with a Fort Worth or Dallas dog bite lawyer at Armstrong the Law Firm.

Free Consultation Available for Victims of Dog Bites

Lawyers from Armstrong the Law Firm are available to review the personal injury claims of dog bite victims. There’s no cost or obligation to you for your initial consultation with a Fort Worth or Dallas dog bite lawyer. Please visit our Free Consultation page and tell us about your case. Our office will contact you to schedule an appointment. Or call a Fort Worth or Dallas dog bite lawyer today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).

Armstrong the Law Firm wants you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your injuries. Please visit this page to access a variety of resources: Free Resources from Our Fort Worth & Dallas Dog Bite Lawyers

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