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Slip and Fall Attorneys
Property Owners Who Neglect Maintenance can Be Liable for Your Slip and Fall Injuries

If you were injured by a slip and fall, attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm may be able to help you win compensation for your injuries in a personal injury lawsuit.

If you were at a place of business or another person’s property and a neglected maintenance issue, like ice on walkways or spilled liquids, caused you to slip and fall, a lawyer can help you hold the owner of that property liable for your medical costs, lost income and other damages. Not every slip and fall injury qualifies for a lawsuit or will get an award for the full extent of damages. Only when the property owner or their representatives were clearly negligent and the victim’s injuries can be clearly linked to that negligence is a full award likely.

First Things First — Seek Medical Attention Immediately, then Contact Your Slip and Fall Attorney

The most important thing to do, if you’ve had a slip and fall accident, is get examined by a physician and get treated, if necessary — even if you don’t think you were injured. Sometimes injuries from a slip and fall are obvious, but other times they aren’t. Because of adrenalin levels during the accident and its aftermath, sometimes injuries don’t become painful until hours or days later. If you wait until then to seek medical attention, your slip and fall attorney may have difficulty proving the injury was caused by the accident.

It’s also important that you DO NOT discuss the severity of your injuries with anyone but your slip and fall attorney. Until you’ve been examined by a doctor, you don’t really know how severe your injuries are. But if you tell people at the accident scene that you’re “OK” or that you don’t think you’re injured, you seriously decrease your chances of a successful personal injury lawsuit if it turns out that you really were injured in the slip and fall. Lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm can sometimes help injury victims overcome this disadvantage, but it may impact the amount of your personal injury award.

When is a Property Owner Liable for Injuries from a Slip and Fall? An Attorney Must Look at Each Case Individually

All property owners, whether they are a business, homeowner, government entity, non-profit organization or anyone else, are required to maintain their property so that legal visitors to the property are reasonably protected from accident and injury. However, the law recognizes that property owners and their representatives, such as employees, must have reasonable time to discover and remedy any situation that may cause injury to a visitor.

For example, imagine a case in which a grocery store customer accidentally drops and breaks a bottle of salad dressing on the floor. If another customer comes along and slips in the spilled salad dressing, falls and sprains her ankle before a store employee can be alerted to the spill and clean it up, it’s hard to hold the store liable because the employees never had the opportunity to clean it up. However, if employees are alerted to the problem but don’t do anything about it for several hours and then another customer slips in the dressing and injures herself, then the store may be held liable. For this reason, witnesses are critically important.

That’s just one example. It is impossible to list all the circumstances in which a property may be liable for slip and fall injuries. The best way to find out if a property owner is liable for your injuries is to discuss it with a slip and fall attorney at Armstrong the Law Firm.

Receive a Free Consultation Regarding Your Slip and Fall with Attorneys at Armstrong

If you want to find out if a personal injury lawsuit is likely to help you get compensation for injuries from a slip and fall, lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm are available to discuss your case with you. You initial consultation is free — there’s no charge or obligation to you. To take advantage of our offer, please visit our Free Consultation page to contact a slip and fall attorney. Or call Richard L. Armstrong today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).

Richard L. Armstrong wants you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your injuries. Please visit this page to access a variety of resources: Free Resources from slip and fall attorney Richard L. Armstrong  

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