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Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Richard L. Armstrong
Experienced in Handling Difficult Motorcycle Injury Cases

In a Texas motorcycle accident, a lawyer has to prove the insurance company or other driver is responsible and refute or minimize claims that the victim contributed to the accident. Obtaining injury compensation for motorcycle accidents is often more challenging than for auto accidents because insurance companies often try to put blame for the accident on the motorcyclist. It takes an experienced lawyer to effectively combat these attempts at deceit and recover the damages and compensation his clients deserve.

If you’re a motorcyclist whose been injured in an accident with another vehicle, don’t let insurance companies falsely blame you for your injuries and refuse to pay you. Call Armstrong the Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your case: (972) 424-5297.

Victim of a Texas Motorcycle Accident? Lawyers at Armstrong can Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Two major differences make motorcycle accidents more difficult than auto accidents when pursuing compensation for accident injuries:

1. It’s often assumed that motorcyclists have responsibility to take extra care to prevent an accident. Motorcycles are less visible than trucks and cars, so it’s a good idea for motorcyclists to be extra cautious—but it’s not the law. Motorcyclists have just as much right to the road as other drivers. When motorcyclists are struck by cars whose driver didn’t see the motorcycle, it’s the driver of the car who’s at fault in most cases.

2. Motorcyclists face more restrictions and a lack of protective laws. In Texas, motorcyclists and their passengers are required to wear protective helmets unless they are at least 21 years old and either have completed a motorcycle operator training and safety course, or have health insurance coverage providing benefits for motorcycle injuries. These kinds of laws can cause a number of problems when trying to obtain injury compensation that is rightfully deserved by the motorcyclist.

All this boils down to the unfortunate fact that motorcyclists have to clear more hurdles to prove they did not contribute to the accident. Since Texas is a comparative causation state this is an important factor. If a judge or jury finds that a motorcyclist contributed to the accident, the compensation the cyclist is entitled to can be reduced dramatically. For this reason it’s important to get an experienced personal injury lawyer involved in your case as soon as possible.

Free Consultation Regarding Your Texas Motorcycle Accident—a Lawyer is Available to Talk with You

Motorcycle accidents often result in more serious injuries than auto accidents and result in fatalities more frequently. But licensed motorcyclists have just as much right to the road as automobile drivers, so don’t let insurance companies cheat you out of compensation you’re entitled to. If you’re the victim of a Texas motorcycle accident, lawyer Richard L. Armstrong or a member of his team will meet with you to discuss your case. Find out what your rights are and how Armstrong the Law Firm can help you. Your initial consultation is absolutely free.

Call Texas motorcycle accident lawyer Richard L. Armstrong today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297) and schedule a free consultation.

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