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"The world is full of wrongs. If no man stood up to right those wrongs they might go on forever."
-- Clarence Darrow

Plano Attorney Achieves Results
for Accident & Injury Victims

Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong and Armstrong the Law Firm have a strong track record for getting results for clients injured in automobile accidents, other transportation accidents, animal attacks, negligent medical care and other accidents and negligent acts that lead to injury. Our attorney’s Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano-area clients know they can turn to Armstrong the Law Firm for personal attention and thorough case management strategies that win them the financial compensation they deserve for their physical and emotional suffering.

Settlements & Verdicts Won by Plano Attorney Richard L. (“Ric”) Armstrong

Below are selected examples of settlements and verdicts the Armstrong team has achieved for our injury clients.

Injury Cases Resulting from Automobile Accidents and Other Transportation-related Crashes

A woman was a  passenger in an automobile being driven through a busy Collin County intersection. A truck pulling a trailer of ATV’s ran the red light at the intersection and collided with the automobile, pushing the car across the intersection and causing the trailer to impact the car in a second collision, as well as impacting other cars. Suit for damages from a broken rib and serious and breathing difficulties from resulting scar tissue. The case settled just prior to trial. (2015).

A young lady riding as a passenger on a motorcycle was thrown 25 feet when the motorcycle’s semi-intoxicated driver lost control and turned into a curb. She sustained internal injuries. Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his law firm prepared a suit for filing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The motorcycle owner settled just before the statute of limitations expired, making suit unnecessary. (2009)

A female hospital employee was involved in a serious car accident. The other driver settled the matter after the Armstrong law firm issued a pre-suit demand for compensation for the automobile accident’s injuries suffered by the hospital employee. (2005)

A 25-year-old man suffered significant knee injury when the Pontiac Firebird he was driving was T-boned by a BMW driven by a physician’s wife. Thanks to Armstrong the Law Firm’s injury attorneys, a Dallas County jury awarded significant damages at trial, resulting in judgment. (2003)

A young man who played select league soccer was severely injured when a company-owned truck ran a red light. He sustained significant back injury, and his spleen was removed in emergency surgery. The company settled a lawsuit brought by Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his law firm. (May, 1998)

A  Dallas police officer on duty in his patrol unit was overrun by a commercial vehicle at the intersection of Northwest Highway and Boedeker in Dallas. He required facial reconstructive surgery and sustained a broken pelvis. The company that owned the truck settled the case pre-suit after demand was made by our injury attorneys in Dallas. (January 1996)

Negligent Employee Retention/Premises Security Liability

A security guard at an apartment complex in McKinney, Texas sexually assaulted a resident’s little girl and then tried to take his own life. The apartment management had retained the security guard despite reported incidents of sexual deviancy. Apartment complex owners settled a lawsuit brought by Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his law firm. (January 2000)

General Negligence/Premises Liability

An off duty police officer, his wife (a police investigator) and their children were viewing a retired dentist’s home for possible purchase. While being shown the rear deck, it collapsed under the husband, causing a comminuted fracture of the distal tibia (ankle). An expert found the deck contained undisclosed wood rot and evidence of termite infestation. Suit was brought against the homeowner and his realtor, resulting in settlement before trial (2014).

A Garland woman sustained serious injury when she was thrown out of bed by a natural gas pipeline explosion on the adjacent block. The utility company settled the case after a lawsuit was filed by the Armstrong firm. (2003)

Attack by Dangerous Animal

In 2009, a 5 year old girl  was brutally attacked by a male Great Dane outside her residence in Mansfield, Texas.  It took several adults to free the girl from the dog’s control. The girl required over 100 surface and subcutaneous stitches. Our investigation revealed that the same dog had attached another child only two months earlier in the same neighborhood, but the owner continued to walk the dog. After filing suit for both physical and psychological damages, Armstrong the Law Firm settled the case for one of the highest sums theretofore seen in such cases. (2011)

The 8-year-old daughter of an airline pilot was attacked by a springer spaniel at a neighbor’s house. Significant facial scarring occurred following surgery, as well as psychological damages. Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong and his law firm negotiated a settlement which was confirmed by the Collin County court. (1999)

Medical Negligence

Death of an elderly woman occurred when employees of a Tarrant County nursing home dropped her while using improper lifting technique. Injury attorneys from our Dallas-area office achieved a settlement with the nursing home after bringing a wrongful death and survival claim. (1990)

An elderly woman died in a Tarrant County nursing home after an unreasonable delay in treatment. The Armstrong law firm settled a claim brought against the physician and nursing home (1991).

Negligence by City 9-1-1 Personnel

In a case receiving national media coverage, a woman died while a Dallas 9-1-1 nurse and her supervisor wasted precious minutes arguing with her stepson. An ambulance was dispatched only after several phone calls, and the woman died before help arrived. Plano attorney Richard L. Armstrong appeared on the nationally acclaimed Today show with the stepson and was interviewed by Bryant Gumble. The 9-1-1 nurse was fired and the case subsequently settled. The entire ambulance response protocol for the City of Dallas was permanently revamped as a result. (1984)

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