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"The world is full of wrongs. If no man stood up to right those wrongs they might go on forever."
-- Clarence Darrow

Plano Injury Lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm
Give Every Case Their Personal Attention and Go Out of Their Way to Ensure Clients’ Success

Plano injury lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm believe that each and every case is important. Whether it involves traumatic brain injury in a car accident or a slip and fall injury with a broken bone, the injury victim is suffering — they’re in pain, have bills to pay and often lose some or all of their income because of their injury. There’s a person, and often a family, at the heart of each and every case. That’s why, throughout the region around Fort Worth and Dallas, attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm give each case their personal attention and take every step to achieve a positive outcome.

Plano injury lawyer Richard L. Armstrong Believes in a Client-centered Approach

Firm founder Richard L. Armstrong started his practice with the belief that injured people need to know that their lawyer is there for them. They want to be kept up to date on their case. They want to know what their lawyer’s strategy is and why that strategy is the best one for the unique circumstance of their case. Keeping clients “in the loop” is an important part of each case management strategy and our client-centered philosophy.

We get many clients who’ve tried larger firms first and felt that they were treated like a number, or that their lawyer forgot about them and they fell through the cracks. The Fort Worth and Dallas attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm make a special point of limiting the number of cases they take, so they have time to give every client the personal attention they deserve.

Some people may think a dog bite or slip and fall injury is no big deal. But we know better. Every injury involves pain and expensive medical costs. Many have long term effects that impact people for years—sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Because of this, our attorneys put meticulous effort into determining the full impact of your injuries and obtain the medical professionals and other experts necessary to prove your case in court. But we don’t just use the same “hired gun” experts over and over. If your treating physician is the best expert to testify about your injuries, our Plano injury lawyers will work with him or her. If necessary, we’ll spend the extra time preparing them to give the best courtroom testimony they can. The bottom line is that we tailor our approach to fit the needs of each case individually, so clients can be more confident in the outcome.

You deserve to get straight facts about your case. Plano injury lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm don’t beat around the bush. If your case is going to be difficult, we’ll tell you that and explain why. If you’d be better served by settling the claim yourself, we’ll tell you that. To make sure you get the best results from your claim and feel satisfied about those results, we give you the straight facts about your case.

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Now that you know a bit about our approach to injury cases, you may want to learn more about our firm and the attorneys you may be working with. We invite you to visit the About Our Firm page to learn about our experience, credentials and track record.

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The Fort Worth and Dallas attorneys at Armstrong the Law Firm want you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your potential injury lawsuit. From death and brain injury cases to dog bites and slip and fall injury cases, our Plano injury lawyers have provided a host resources for you on our Free Resources page.